Kamis, 03 Juni 2010

Letter For Dad

Dear Dad,
Today is June 3rd..
It is your birthday right?
But so sorry that there's no celebration..
I wish I could buy a birthday cake or maybe a gift..
Polo shirts would be nice for you, dad..
But it couldn't happen..
Cuz you're not here..
I wish I could see your smile when you're blowing the candles..
But it couldn't happen..
Cuz you're not here..

I know that I've been without you for about 5 years
But tell me why I still cry..
I know that I am fine now, I can smile all the time without you here..
But tell me why I still think of you before I go sleeping and it ends with tears..

Sorry for being a bad daughter, dad..
Sorry for making mom crying so many times..
For fighting with brothers more than just once..

Sometimes I wonder why God took you to heaven 5 years ago..
I cannot get angry with Him, He owns this world..
Days go by and now I undertand..
That God wanted you to have a better place..

I am proud of you, Dad..
You could see me now..
Everything on me reminds people of you..

Once again, Happy Birthday, Dad..
And God, would You make a little party for my dad?
He deserves it..

I love you, for always :)

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